Good News!

Second Chance Ministries has made an offer on a new home! Woohoo! God is so good and we are SO excited!

God, you promised so we’re doing the footwork and we know that there’s no need for fear! (read Psalm 27:1)
We are always telling the guys that help becomes available when asked…SO WE ARE ASKING!!!


This beautiful home was originally appraised at $650,000! We made an offer of $545,000…and IT WAS ACCEPTED!!!  Thank you God!

This is why we are appealing to our community! This is such a pivotal time in our non profit. This house would be monumental for our mission to help our community and all of the people whose lives we are impacting every single day!

Any donation that you could possibly offer would be AMAZING and we would sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! We would be nothing without God and the support of YOU (our family & friends)!

Thank you SO much and God bless you all! DONATE BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW:

If you would like to send a donation through the mail and would like to write a check please write it to:
Second Chance Recovery
PMB 166 104 Berkley Square Lane
Goose Creek, SC 29445